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The popularity of dermaplaning saw a reported growth of 621% in the last year..


However my treatment is performed with a razor blade and not a scalpel..and with skincare products to fully protect and hydrate the skin from start to finish...


This treatment is kinder on the skin and with all the same scientific benefits of dermaplaning..


We have attached a review below from one of Mark's clients that was posted in our 'Shavedoctor Kao Sori' facebook group page, link to post, 


Hi All. Wanted to share a few pics. You may have seen pics of my skin from a couple of weeks ago during an active flare of my acne rosacea. I had my third Dermablading treatment with Mark 8 days ago. I took these pics this morning - zero make up or filters. Can’t believe the difference. I have had acne for 37 years, and rosacea for 6 years and pigmented skin which is very oily. I’m 46 and well into perimenopause. This is the best I’ve seen my skin looking and feeling for a very long time. I spend a lot of time in front of a camera and lights, and the make up I wear for that has gone on so much more evenly! I use the Shave Doctor Scrub after wearing the foundation, as it helps prevent my post-make up breakouts from clogged pores, and I use the cooling gel every day (it’s great for cooling inflamed rosacea and ‘hot’ skin!). Can’t wait for next treatment! I really would recommend this. My skin has been such a nightmare for me all my life, and it feels so much better now! Thanks Mark! Xx


We are hoping to offer this course once the government announce it is safe for us to deliver.


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