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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing a Round Neck and V Neck T shirt

I'm well known for my shaving and skincare advice but recently I have been receiving messages about the intricacies around choosing between wearing Round or V Neck T shirts especially in very particular places. So I want to help you to unease most of those complexities by showing the do’s and don’ts of wearing round-neck T’s or V-neck T’s.

While a T shirt is the medium of your message, the style of the T shirt echoes the degree of the message. V-necks have predominantly become a relevant style of t-shirt ever since they were designed to hide the neckline fabric when other shirts were worn over them. Today V-necks are worn more commonly on their own and are appreciated because of their sex-appeal shaped appearance.

V Necks are great for making your face seem longer and more angular, which is something that’s seen as popular belief. If your face is rounder or squarer the V Neck looks particularly nice because it accentuates the bone structure. Caution though, for those with a diamond shaped/angular face, having V-necks could have you run the risk of making the face seem too long.

Apart from their ability to accentuate your physical appeal, men like V-necks because they consider them to be a more modern take on past-of-the-time underwear t-shirts. However, on the other hand, I disagree on the long held view that only old folks staunchly stand by crew necks and often denounce or deride V-necks and their wearers. Yes, most of the men who enjoy wearing V-necks are those of younger generations, while many of the ones who tout the power of the crew neck are not only old people but also the tech guys, construction guys and the computer geeks.

Choosing a t shirt is about what expresses your personality and taste it does matter the extents of the neckline – you can certainly have a preference for one or the other ensuring a great variety of t shirts with different styles gives you far more versatility in what you’re wearing and the kind of statement you’re trying to make.

Behind The Round Neck & The V Neck T Shirts: Importance of considering height, weight, and size

So who should wear what style of t shirt is not the question. But It is important to understand that the dos and don’ts of round necks and v necks. If you’re thinking about what you should wear in terms of round neck or v neck t shirts start by considering your height, the bone structure of your face among other things. Round Necks are common with making you look shorter because of their nature to veil the torso or upper chest area subsequently blurring the line among the face, neckline, and the chest. On the other hand, V Necks make you look taller, generally, in that the collar bones and upper chest area is open elongating your neckline and keeping your check bones well-defined. If you’re considerably tall then wearing a round neck instead of the v neck will be preferable in order to balance your height. In the instances of considerably short people V Neck suits you the best as you won't look shorter anymore; please make sure you pick the right size. Yes! size, height, and weight are very vital when picking between Round Neck and V neck t shirts. So if you are not a big guy V Necks might be a bit tricky to wear as they’ll expose your collar bones unless you choose to wear a fitting size. And if you’re a bit huge in size go for any Round Neck or V Neck but make sure that it’s not too tight in your abdomen area.

In the case of Round Necks, the shape of the V is much more flattering to most face-structures. The Round Neck accentuates the breadth of the cheekbones and emphasizes roundness of the chin line by presenting a round line right under the chin.

Most of us would prefer that our cheekbones appear wider than our jawline, and the V-neck shirt would accentuate that. Some people purchase both V Necks and Round Necks for the purposes of gym and working-out which is not a problem as t shirts are widely recognized for their strikingly flexible usability.

Types of round-necked shirts came in different styles (such as scoop neck shirts), but what sets round necks apart is as much the design of their necklines their history. “A round neck or crew neck shirt typically fits tightly around the base of the wearer’s neck, and the material of the fitted piece is ribbed and sewn onto shirts or sweaters separately. This neckline style was popularized by oarsmen and boatmen, and its earliest forms were made exclusively for marine purposes.

The name “crew neck” comes from the crew that manages and operates a ship. The style was later adopted by stevedores and miners, as it provided a convenient covering in hot environments.” An astounding fun fact for me was that the crew neck was also efficient to sailors in that it sufficiently covered chest hair.

They’ve become one of the casual classic wear of the modern age moving from the marine and athletic type of people to more of the general public where the rounded neck is one of the favourite t shirts among the masses. Both V Necks and Round Necks can look good on anybody if only people can start taking care of the little things like picking the right size and understanding the meaning behind the style you choose.

Let us know if this advice has helped you.

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