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Shaving Is Not All About Hair..

There are many men with skin conditions that would like to but cannot shave because they haven't found products that will perform and protect and don't know where to go for the best professional advice.

This results in men having to hide behind facial hair for many years and in some cases making their condition worse.

So where can you go if you do have a skin condition and would like advice of how to shave without irritation and discomfort?

Mark Sproston aka The Shavedoctor has been a leading voice in the industry for two decades, has taught over 5500 hair and beauty professionals around the world and is now a global shave and skin expert..

Mark's research comes straight out of his shaving courses, held most weeks throughout the year and supported by a bank of regular shave models from all ages, skin type, ethnicity, hair growth and skin conditions.

His extensive study on shaving and skincare has led to Mark being the 'go to expert' for men with skin conditions and those who experience shaving irritation.

Pictured is Karl, one of many Mark's shave models, who has been attending his shaving courses for around a year now, has rosacea, acne scarring and coarse facial hair and found shaving a really tough experience.

After an initial and thorough consultation, Mark introduced Karl to the Shavedoctor products and guided him of how best to prepare his facial hair and skin before shaving...together with shaving techniques and how to treat the skin after the shave.

Having attended over 12 sessions Karl can now shave himself without experiencing irritation, reports his shaves are more comfortable and is even more pleased with how his skin now looks..reducing the look of his acne scarring and softening his once very coarse beard hair, enabling a better glide and irritation free shave.

If like Karl you experience any of these issues you can contact Mark at for free professional advice.

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