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It's Not All About Men and Shaving Hair...

Hi All. Wanted to share a few pics. You may have seen pics of my skin from a couple of weeks ago during an active flare of my acne rosacea. I had my third Dermablading treatment with Mark 8 days ago. I took these pics this morning - zero make up or filters.

Can’t believe the difference. I have had acne for 37 years, and rosacea for 6 years and pigmented skin which is very oily. I’m 46 and well into perimenopause. This is the best I’ve seen my skin looking and feeling for a very long time.

I spend a lot of time in front of a camera and lights, and the make up I wear for that has gone on so much more evenly! I use the Shave Doctor Scrub after wearing the foundation, as it helps prevent my post-make up breakouts from clogged pores, and I use the cooling gel every day (it’s great for cooling inflamed rosacea and ‘hot’ skin!).

Can’t wait for next treatment! I really would recommend this.

My skin has been such a nightmare for me all my life, and it feels so much better now!

Thanks Mark! Xx

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