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I'm asian and find shaving a struggle..

I get lots of emails and messages from asian men telling me they find shaving a struggle..

They can't seem to find the right combination of razor, product and technique for their skin.

Asian skin has a thicker stratum corneum and hair is also thicker which which will be more sensitive to shaving..

Since I started my professional shaving courses in 2007 I have had a diverse range of skin types and ethnicity with Asian men representing around 29% of our regular shave models, of those, 94% report to find shaving a challenge especially if they are looking for a close and smooth shave.

From my 16 year research on shaving I've typically found that barbers from all around the world will clipper the beard down to zero first before lathering up and completing the shave with a single blade razor. Shaving much shorter hair and on a thicker stratum corneum will contribute to more stress and irritation so I advise against using this method using the razor only with preparation key to shaving your client with comfort...together with good quality pre, shave and post shaving products, hot and cold towels.

My Asian clients will find a noticeable level of comfort after their first shave with myself, gradually shaving more hair off with each shave which will condition the skin to the razor blade and eventually softening the hair making it easier to remove from the follicle.

So, is it possible Asian men can enjoy a comfortable and close shave?

The answer is yes, as long as they use the right combination of razor, products and technique.

My recommendation for shaving at home is use a triple blade razor, use a face wash or face scrub to help soften the hair, apply shaving oil and a gel or shaving cream on top and reapply again before shaving against the grain, once shave completed, rinse face in cold water for approx 30 seconds to cool the skin and close the pores, then apply warm water to reopen the pores which will stimulate blood flow which is important for healing and repairing the skin more quickly, also giving it a healthy glow. Finish with a cooling product and moisturise..

The images below are of two regular clients who have had numerous shaves, going with and against the hair growth, and showing how good their skin looks after their wet shaves, showing no irritation and both reporting no discomfort.

If you would like advice on your shave and skincare regime or have any issues then we would love to hear from you.

You can contact Mark direct,

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