Back in 2008 as I was asked by Will King, founder and CEO of King of Shaves to help him in his research on the new razor project he was working on. 

Before they were ready to launch the aptly named Azor product we had to obtain important consumer user data so we decided to set up an extensive testing centre right in the heart of London.

Myself and my team managed to shave 220 men of all ages, skin type and ethical backgrounds, blind folding each one, shaving one half of their faces with a leading competitor brand and the other with the KOS razor.

Once we completed each shave we would take them through a questionnaire and get their feedback on the shave with an objective of, which half of the shave did they enjoy the most and find comfortable...

After a week of shaving, data was collated and handed to Will King and his team.

The feedback from my report gave them confidence in launching the razor into their retail partners.

Part of the marketing plan was to get the razor into the hands of potential consumers, a tour was planned and cities across the UK would be visited by the KOS battle bus.

I was invited onto the tour and lived like a 'rock star' for a number of weeks on the road...

So where does the name 'Shavedoctor' come from I hear you ask?

Well, after taking a break from shaving the masses in Cardiff, I went to have a coffee break with Dave Green, KOS marketing and tour director, he was writing daily blogs for the King of Shaves website. As he was in the middle of writing a new daily blog I happened to notice that he was writing about me and my contribution to the team, introducing me as 'Mark Sproston aka The Shavedoctor'...

The rest is as they say is history and I thank Dave Green for respectfully giving me the name I am known as today..

Dave is no longer with us, but I will always be so very grateful...

R.I.P a true gent....

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