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8 best safety razors that will help you boss your grooming regime

Bin the disposables and side with tradition to get the closest shave

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It may be one of the oldest grooming tools on the market but with the current emphasis on mindfulness and plastic-free grooming, the humble safety razor couldn’t be more “now” if it tried. Choose wisely and one will last you years, helping you save money – and the planet – in the process.

Occupying the middle ground between cutthroat razors (scary) and multi-blade cartridge razors (convenient but often tough on the skin) they’re the perfect – and most stylish – option for anyone wanting to take their shaving experience to the next level.

What’s more, they deliver an exceptionally close shave, and because only one blade is in contact with the skin at any one time, they’re ideal for men susceptible to razor bumps, sensitivity and irritation.

Unlike disposable razors, whose blades are guarded and angled for a safer shave, though, the safety razor blade is sharper and more exposed, so you need to be a little more mindful with your technique.

“You cannot afford to rush your shave like you can with some disposable razors,” says professional wet shave expert Mark Sproston aka The Shave Doctor. He recommends holding the razor handle almost upright so the curved part of the metal cover can slide and glide down your face more smoothly.

He adds: “Make sure you chose a razor with a decently weighted handle – if it’s too light and you have a strong beard the blades will tend to bounce over the hair causing pulling and snagging – and shave with slow, controlled strokes, letting the weight of the razor do the work rather than pressing too hard.”

Perfect your technique and protect your investment (Sproston recommends keeping your razor and blades dry by patting them with a towel after each shave) and your razor won’t just deliver unbeatably smooth results, it’ll last as long as you do too. Possibly longer.

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