We have been delivering this popular SHAVING course since 2007 and proud to have trained over 5500 barbers, hair stylists, make-up artists, tattoo artists and non professionals from all around the world who then go onto competently and confidently shave their own customers after completing this course.


*Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and new social distancing rules we have had to restructure our courses for the safety and wellbeing of our students and our models.


The theory side of the course will now be done online, to be completed and returned before you attend the 1 DAY practical session at our Staffordshire location.

In the course you will learn.


how to hold and use the razor,

shave a number of different skin and hair types,

clean shaves, beard shaping and head shaves,

client consultation,

the shaving science,

health and safety,

how to use and apply the shaving products,

product knowledge and their benefit's,

how to market and promote the barber shop shave...and much much more

  • 7 Live Models all provided by us.

  • All equipment provided on the day.

  • Fully Certified Course.

  • Course recognised by all major insurance companies.

  • Refreshments provided throughout.





Robert Matthews

Amazing shaving course! Mark’s knowledge and expertise in shaving makes this course stand out from the rest. Right from the start, mark puts you at ease and very welcoming and supportive throughout. Having the knowledge of shaving and the benefits of wet shaving and how the products and process work, you feel confident to go ahead and shave a variety of clients with different hair types and styles. Throughout, mark is always on hand to help guide you through and if you have any questions or need advice, you have the confidence to just ask and the clients are amazing and very patient and understanding. If you want to learn how to wet shave then this is the ONLY course you should go on! Will be recommending this course to fellow barbers who want to learn and his products.

Brandon Rice

Loved my time on this shaving course and left with so much confidence after being hands on from the start and guided so well throughout by Mark. You leave with knowledge on techniques, health and safety, equipment to use and much more and it was overall such a fun process to be a part of. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to start shaving and it’s a course I’m glad to have been a part of!


Laura Stanyer

I was recommended this course by a number of colleagues and I can see why they spoke so highly of Shavedoctor. I have had two days of working on real models with a variety of skin and facial hair types as well as shaving heads, this experience has enabled me to build confidence in using a cut throat razor, aswell as feeling confident in shaving full beards, partial facial hair and as I say all on varying skin and hair types. I have also gained knowledge in the theory side of shaving and the correct procedure for a successful shave. Mark is a fantastic teacher who puts you at ease instantly and his level of expertise helps when explaining all elements of shaving. I also have to add that all Marks models were very friendly and again this helps put you at ease. I have left the training today feeling confident in the theory and practical elements of shaving which I now plan to pass onto my own students. I can't recommend this course enough!

Tracy Haygarth

Had an amazing time with Mark Sproston AKA The Shave Doctor.

Mark's knowledge and expertise in shaving is amazing and inspiring to say the least, his enthusiasm also drives this to another level. I certainly left feeling inspired and excited to perform my new found skills.

I can highly recommend this course to any hairdressing or barbering business looking to add and improve their service.

Luke Surgeon

This course was the perfect way to learn the correct techniques of any open blade work. I had a real confidence issue of using them and had got quite comfortable with just not offering shaves. But this coursed changed this completely, over the course I had completed a number of full face shaves, shape ups and head shaves. This is down to the in depth knowledge Mark uses throughout not only the shave but the skin treatment too making it far easier. I completed this course without cutting or causing irritation to any client regardless of skin type. I highly recommend this course for beginners or someone looking to refresh on the science behind a good shave. The shave Doctor products helped so much aswell I will be using them in my shop going forward.

Thanks Mark!


Kelly Hale

So, we had a visit from The Shave Doctor. Mark came to Essex to teach us how to shave, something neither of us has attempted before. After two days of Mark’s amazing knowledge, skill and patience we are ready to add this service to our menu. Mark not only teaches you how to shave, he will give you his knowledge about skin, how to treat and care for it and the science behind the products. If you are looking to learn these skills we can’t recommend Mark, The Shave Doctor, highly enough